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Different Forms of House Siding

Homeowners have a lifetime task of ensuring that their homes remain in great condition. This task includes making home improvement and renovations when necessary. Many home improvement projects can help ensure that the home remains in great shape. Installing siding is one important home improvement project. Not only does house siding increase the aesthetic appeal of a home but it also protects it from adverse weather conditions. House siding is installed using the different types of material available. These materials differ in terms of cost, energy efficiency, durability, and water resistance. The best house siding is one that offers you durability and is also energy efficient. You should also go for siding that is within your budget. The task of choosing house siding can be overwhelming. The different types of house siding are discussed in this article to make the decision easier.

Vinyl is a common house siding. Its durability is the main reason for its popularity. It also provides a wide array of color options for homeowners to choose from. Its longevity is increased when well-installed. Vinyl offers a budget-friendly option of house siding. The installation costs of vinyl are also low. It is very easy to clean vinyl. Since vinyl is not waterproof, poor installation can result in molding, vinyl can also dent. Metal siding is mostly used in modern homes. The most common material used is steel and aluminum. Metal is resilient and doesn’t mold or rot, it is also resistant to fire. It is also considered eco-friendly since metal can be cut precisely with minimal waste. Since its heavy, the labor costs are usually high. Metal readily rusts when poorly installed. More information on this article.

Wood is preferred due to its timeless and natural look. Pine, cider spruce and fir are the types that can be picked from. Wood siding can be installed using different styles. The styles used are shingles, clapboard, shakes, and board. More on these styles in this article. Installing wood is not costly. To make wood durable is should be highly maintained. The wood needs to be stained and painted. Wood has insulation properties and this makes it energy efficient. When choosing house siding, brick is a great investment. It is highly durable and offers resistance to fire and insects. It doesn’t require maintenance or painting. However, brick comes at a higher cost. It is also more expensive to install it. Read more about this in this article.

The types of house siding you can go for are many. Read this article for more information.